The Evolution of Roofing!

Modern roofing is evolving so quickly it’s hard to keep up. Advances in construction, insulation, and design have created a new industry that never ceases to amaze us with its abilities. There’s no telling what the future of roofing will hold. But we can say it will always be a profitable, invigorating progress. Here are five technologies changing the roofing industry for the better.


In the drone industry, the ability of drones to work at heights traditional solutions can’t is opening up new ways of carrying out tasks that have never been possible. With these new advancements, companies are using drones for surveying construction sites and general inspections. They’re also more efficient and less expensive than helicopters, trucks, and other traditional methods of aerial inspection. Drones add much-needed flexibility for roofing projects as well.

Solar Roofs

Solar panels have grown in popularity recently, but there’s always been some hesitation about the cost. With a solar roof, you get all the benefits of traditional panels and more, plus added safety and durability. A typical solar panel lasts 20 to 25 years on a roof without much maintenance, so it makes sense to build them right into the structure of your home or business. Carports are another example application where this technology can shine, providing shade while generating clean energy.

CAD Software

CAD software enables engineers to create and share accurate designs, even for complicated roof structures. With the program’s use, you no longer need to rely on building codes that aren’t always up to date, which can speed up construction and decrease costs by taking out unnecessary design work.

3D Printers

3D printers are making production much easier with roofs, too. The machines can rapidly print out materials that aren’t very strong, like plastic and concrete. Because they can make repairs so quickly, they are a perfect way to ensure that the lifespan of your roof is quite a bit longer than the average.

Robot Workers

Robot workers have taken over construction sites in recent years, replacing human labor in many cases, but for a good reason. They’re more efficient and accurate than human workers. In addition, modern advances in artificial intelligence allow them to make decisions independently, making them less likely to do the wrong thing or cause injuries.

The Bottom Line

Like most others today, the roofing industry is being transformed by the various technological advancements we’re seeing. We’re being forced to find ways to stay ahead of the curve, but competing and remaining relevant is necessary. Contact us to learn more about these and other new technologies for the roofing industry. We’re ready to help.