The Dangers of a Leaky Roof

Modern homeowners are typically not accustomed to annual or biannual roof inspections, which is a shame. Over time, a leaky roof can create so much damage that you’ll need to spend thousands of dollars on repairs. That’s why homeowners and landlords must be aware of the risks of leaky roofs. Consider this your ultimate guide on leaky roofs.

Leaky Roofs Can Cause Dangerous Electrical Issues

Water can cause moisture damage to electrical wiring on the roof, which could lead to fires and electrical shocks. In addition, water could erode the underlying shingles, which may lead to leaks under the shingles. These leaks can be particularly damaging because the hot summer sun will bake them and cause them to expand, creating an even bigger problem.

Leaky Roofs Trap Rainwater

Rainwater leaking into the wall cavities and onto the roof can cause rot and mold damage. This, in turn, could lead to additional water damage that could result in the ceiling or even walls needing repairs. In addition, Le leaks can damage timber even if you don’t live in an area prone to high humidity. Water will start to rot the timber, which may lead to structural damage.

They Cause Structural Damage

As mentioned above, leaky roofs may also cause your house to start leaking. If the leaking roof is under the shingles, you may not even notice it. But if you notice moisture coming from a wall or ceiling, that’s a good indication that your roof is leaking. And even if you can repair the leak, the damage could cost thousands of dollars to fix in the long run. More importantly, this will result in mold and rot within your home and could ruin your entire living environment.

Leaky Roofs Are a Safety Hazard

Leaking or rotted walls or ceilings can cause serious injuries and falls for homeowners and their families. If you notice moisture in the walls, it’ll be necessary to inspect the house for a leak. In addition, injuries from falls can become more likely when there’s a layer of water on the ground.

Leaky Roofs Create an Unhealthy Living Environment

Depending on the type of roof and the amount and frequency of leaks, a leaky roof could cause a house to become incredibly dirty and unhealthy. This can lead to mold growth, which will make it even harder to detect leaks. Plus, if you find leaks and determine they need repair, you may have to do so before your mold removal contractors arrive.

End Note

It’s crucial to schedule an inspection at least once every two or three years. Contact our professional roofing company in Linden and ask us how we can help you stay protected. We’ll schedule an inspection and repair any leaks that may have occurred during the past few years. Stay safe!